Rebranding a respected Learned Society

The Pyramus & Thisbe Society was originally established as a Club back in 1974 by the 100 leading ‘party wall’ surveyors of the day, who met for over 28 years at the ‘Café Royal’.

Fast forward 40 years and the club had grown to become a highly respected ‘Learned Society,’ with a membership in the thousands and branches throughout the country, yet their identity no longer reflected this.

With a new and invigorated leadership team the society wished to divest itself of its old image and engaged Murphy Varley to develop a new positioning and Corporate Identity which reflected their current aims and aspirations.

Why Pyramus & Thisbe?

In Ovid's classical poem, Metamorphoses, Pyramus & Thisbe were star crossed lovers in ancient Babylon separated by the wall between their houses and forbidden to meet by their feuding fathers. Their only means of communication was through a small crack in the wall. When they finally arrange a secret meeting in order to consummate their tryst, things don't go well and, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, involving a lioness and a mulberry bush, they both came to the saddest of ends.

This classical tale is the inspiration for both the Pyramus & Thisbe Society’s name, its logotype and new visual identity. The two faces in the society’s logotype not only represent the forlorn characters in the tale but also allude to the nature in which the members of the society set out to resolve party wall disputes, through collaboration and communication. The colours of the mulberry bush leaves and berries are also reflected in the society’s corporate colours of green and burgundy.

Working closely with the Society's leadership group, the team at Murphy Varley created the new corporate identity and designed a new website, which is now being run successfully by them.

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