Conserving a Brand

Preserving Good Taste with Tiptree

In 2005 we created "The preserve of good taste" for Wilkin & Sons Ltd. and since then we've been campaigning their Tiptree brand on that creative proposition. Tiptree preserves are now recognised as the world's finest and our advertising both to consumer and trade has achieved legendary status in their market.

In 2008 the first major consumer exposure to the creative was the sponsorship of the ITV series Melvyn Bragg's Travels in Written Britain, exploring and celebrating Britain's written heritage.

At the time Wilkin and Sons joint Managing Director Ian Thurgood said, “It’s rare to find a sponsorship property that so closely defines the unique positioning of the Tiptree brand in terms of heritage, quality and taste”.

We created and produced a series of sponsorship idents showcasing a selection of Tiptree’s finest preserves and featuring quotations from British poets and authors linking the programme content with the brand’s theme.

Further TV programme sponsorships followed including 'My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham' and 'The Seasons with Alan Titchmarsh'.

With limited opportunities to grow the sweet spread sector in 2015, the strength of the Tiptree brand was employed to influence market share. Using very specific Mosaic targeting via AdSmart from Sky, the most powerful medium was tailored to reach consumers of Tiptree’s competitors.

The creative concept was entirely aspirational but nevertheless produced within a strict budget. It reflected the brand heritage and premium status, with a series of scenarios where discerning people in premiere locations are served Tiptree conserves. This was then reinforced by the brand strap line “The preserve of good taste”.

A very modern and stylish interpretation of a classic Goffin and King song; ‘I’m into Something Good’, established a recognisable and stand out music track on the 30 second TV commercial.

Our media plan delivered 110% impressions to target audience and year on year sales went up 10%, exceeding the £40m mark for the first time in Tiptree's history.

Since then we have been helping Wilkin & Sons stretch the Tiptree brand with new products across new sectors, like reduced sugar spreads, gifts and alcohol ranges, - all in the 'Spirit of Good Taste'.

"MVad is excellent at their job, cognisant of our special features and needs, brave enough to tell me when I’ve got things wrong and always keen to give us best value. In 35 years, I haven’t met another agency quite like them and that’s why we’ve continued to work together."

Ian Thurgood. Joint Managing Director, Wilkin & Sons Ltd.

"Increasing market share through growth in UK and overseas markets is key to the continuing success of the business and we are delighted to appear in the top 50 fastest growing independent businesses for the first time."

Scott Goodfellow, Joint Managing Director, Wilkin & Sons Ltd.

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