A Summer of Events

Since its establishment in 1974, Willen Hospice has been a pillar of support, providing invaluable end-of-life care to patients and their families in the Milton Keynes area. Recognized for their unwavering dedication, the hospice has earned a well-deserved reputation for maintaining a high standard of compassionate care throughout the years. However, sustaining this level of care requires a significant annual fundraising effort.

At the heart of this endeavor lies a series of mass-participation fundraising events, hosted by Willen Hospice each summer. These events serve as a crucial source of income, enabling the hospice to continue its vital mission. In 2022, Murphy Varley had the privilege of collaborating with the hospice's management team to market and elevate these events to new heights. Guided by a shared commitment to making a positive impact, we embraced the challenge wholeheartedly.

The outcome of our collective efforts surpassed all expectations, as the events became resounding successes. Witnessing the community's remarkable response and knowing that our contributions played a part in supporting such a worthy cause filled us with immense joy and pride.

We are honored to have been given the opportunity to contribute our expertise to Willen Hospice's fundraising initiatives, aligning our creative abilities with their noble mission. Together, we have not only achieved tangible results but also become a force for good in the lives of those facing challenging times.

At Murphy Varley, we remain committed to utilising our skills and experience to support organisations like Willen Hospice, fostering positive change and making a meaningful difference in our community.

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